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If you are looking for an Adrenalin packed, stunning driving experience, a trip to Zeltweg in Austria could be just the ticket for you. The scenic beauty of this region is a sight to behold. There is plenty of opportunity for adventure on this amazing driving circuit as there are many different options available. Whether you are interested in a challenging driving experience or just want to take in the scenery, this is one area that you do not want to miss out on.

Trip to Zeltweg

One of the most popular activities to participate in while you are in Zeltweg is that of the incredible sightseeing opportunities. Many people visit this region solely to view the incredible castles and other historical landmarks. You will find an abundance of different historical sites and castles here. Some of the more popular locations include the Hohe Tauern Castle, Sandau Castle, Elster Castle and the Dietzburg Castle.

Another popular attraction in Zeltweg is a thrilling flying display. This activity is available for people of all ages and there is plenty of space for your children to participate. In addition to this, there are also many other aerial displays taking place at various times of the day and night throughout the year. Many of these displays are supported by the Austrian Air Force and they have a range of planes which can be seen in the Austrian skies.

When it comes to adventurous activities, nothing beats the thrill of being able to pilot a remote control aircraft. There are many remote control aircraft centres which offer a full range of aircraft to choose from. Many of these aircraft are flown by pilots who were once in the military and received training in the remote control methods. If you would like to experience this unique flying experience, a visit to Zeltweg is a must.

The next thing to try out in Zeltweg is the exciting sport of racing. This is available from the many remote control flight clubs which are located throughout the area. You can either take part in a one-man version or as part of a crew which will involve both men and women. The track you chose to race on will depend on whether it is an indoor or outdoor track. All the equipment is provided by the clubs so you won’t have to worry about bringing any with you or making any purchases.

There are so many other thrilling activities which people will enjoy when visiting Zeltweg airfield. If you are thinking about planning a holiday in Austria, the holiday of a lifetime is always going to be spent at Zeltweg. The people are friendly and there are many things to do. Whether you enjoy racing through the remote tracks, taking part in a sports race, going down to the races or attending a local festival, Zeltweg can provide all the entertainment you could ever want.