Plan Your Trip to Trogir – Croatia

If you are looking to experience the beauty of Croatia with family and friends, then a trip to Trogir mountain is the most ideal option for you. The best thing about Croatia is that it has many destinations that are suitable for a weekend or a month-long vacation depending on your choice. This beautiful land has much to offer to those who want to visit and explore.

Trip to Trogir

A perfect place to begin your Croatia tour is in the capital city of Zagorje, which is called Zagorje because it sits high up in the mountains. This location is very picturesque, and there is a lot of interesting architecture that will captivate you. In fact, there is even a museum dedicated to Croatian writers and artists called “Nemesis” that were built especially for those in the Zagorje area.

A day trip to Trogir is well recommended, as it is an hour’s drive away from Zagorje. Once there, you should take a short detour to visit the ruined castle of Radnijelica. This famous castle is actually the last castle of the Croatian king of Musli. It is a fantastic site that is open to visitors who like to explore the history of Croatia and enjoy the scenery. There is plenty to see and do in this charming area, and you are just as likely to run into some old friends as you would some tourists.

A great way to get more information about the best things to do in Croatia would be to join one of the organized trips that are offered by a number of companies. These trips combine hiking, water sports, mountain biking, and climbing and other exciting activities. A one day trip to Trogir is one of these trips, and you should definitely plan to spend at least one day there. Some of the other highlights would be the Mirs river that flow through the district, as well as the village of Dubrovnik, which is located right next to Trogir.

Another great idea is to rent a car and take one of the two different buses that leave from the Maribor Airport. You can arrive at Trogir by hopping onto one of the small buses that will head your way; or, you can arrive by taking the long road route that will take you all the way around the city. The journey to Trogir will give you the chance to enjoy a nice lunch at one of the many restaurants lining the way. The restaurants along this route tend to be very affordable, so you should not have any worries about spending too much money on the trip. You will probably also encounter many fewer tourists than if you chose to travel the highway.

If you decide to take your vehicle rental back to Dubrovnik instead of staying in the small town of Trogir, you will find that there are a few more options for arriving at your hotel. You can take a direct bus from the Maribor airport, or you can ride a taxi to get to the Old Town in Croatia. If you arrive in Dubrovnik at a later time, you may even want to consider the old town of Pula. This historic area offers some wonderful sights, including a restored 16th century Cathedral and castle along with a reconstructed theatre and baroque parish church. This part of town has been renovated and offers many different eating places and shops.