Trip To Farkhor: A True Travel Experience

The Tajikistan of Central Asia is a beautiful country that is located on the bank of river Irumai. Tajikistan is one of the most popular tourist destinations around the world. Millions of tourists visit this beautiful place in search of ancient monuments and beautiful beaches. Travelers from all over the world have made trip to Farkhor as their favorite destination. This place has some of the best attractions in the world such as stunning architecture, picturesque views and many more.

Trip to Farkhor

Tajikistan is a republic within the country of Uzbekistan. Its capital city is Tashkent and it is also referred to as the “capital city of Uzbekistan”. Farkhor is an old city that was built during the reign of Shah Jehan. Farkhor is considered to be the place where Genghis Khan placed his footsteps as he travelled towards India.

It has some magnificent monuments and ancient buildings. There are various tourist attractions in Farkhor region that makes your travel here very exciting and fulfilling. When you travel to this place, you will come across modern cities with modern amenities but ancient structures. It is very popular for its attraction khatas or places where you can see figures carved in marble. The most prominent building in Farkhor is the Islam Taj hotel that has a picturesque view of the river from the top of the building.

The place is also famous for its gardens as there are many beautiful gardens in the vicinity. Some of the main attractions of the place include Islam Taj hotel, Mary Queen of Scots’ Castle and many more. Tajikistan has something for everyone; you can go for a walk in the desert and enjoy the fresh air, or perhaps you would rather try some adventure sports like skiing, parasailing or windsurfing.

You can easily travel to Farkhor by taking advantage of the direct flights from UK to Ashgabat. The journey takes about three hours and you will reach the place safely. There are many cheap flights to Ashgabat from all major UK airports; therefore, it won’t be difficult to get a cheap flight to Farkhor. You can check out flights to Farkhor from any travel agent and search on the internet for the best deals. The direct flights to Farkhor are especially arranged from October to March.

One of the best things of a trip to Farkhor is the chance to visit the tombs of some famous figures of the Mughal period. If you don’t like tombs, you can visit the Farkhor Fort which was built in Memories of Golden Days by Shah Jahan. This is one of the most beautiful and largest fort of Mughal Empire and you will come across great collections of pottery, glassware, furniture and other items there. This amazing attraction will make your trip to Farkhor more memorable.