Enjoy Your Trip to Kozan, Turkey

My sister and I made plans to travel to Kozan, a small city in the western region of Turkey, about six months ago. In my opinion, it is definitely one of the most beautiful cities in all of Turkey. A trip to this particular place should be on any travelers “to do” list for this summer. Although my sister and I were not able to visit the site myself, we did discuss what took us so long to decide to make such a trip happen.

Trip to Kozan

Our first stop was the Black Sea coast, which is located just south of Kusadasi, and where our next step would be to head to Kozan. In the area, you will find a number of beautiful resorts, with the main ones being Kinaliada, and Adana. We decided to take a cruise ride over the Sea of Marmara to enjoy the sights and sounds of the region. This cruise was the highlight of our trip, as the sun setting over the sea brought out the vivid colors of the landscape: mountains, waters, beaches, and more. If you are looking for a destination where you can spend some quality time away from the hectic urban jungle, this should be a prime candidate.

After the cruise, our next sightseeing excursion was to Kozan, itself, which is a must-see spot for any tourist visiting the region. The best way to view the wonders of Kozan is by taking a trip to one of its many secluded beaches; however, if you do not have the time to spend relaxing on the beach, or would prefer to do some trekking, then you should plan to head to one of the many nearby towns that are dotted throughout the area. While there, I highly recommend that you check out the local pottery market, which are also the largest auction in Turkey, and which is held once a month. Not only do you get a chance to bid on some authentic, hand-crafted pottery, but you also get a chance to taste the region’s local delights.

I especially love visiting the colorful and vibrant towns of Antlay, Kinaliada, and Gerome. The towns have interesting cobblestone streets, houses that are painted in colorful scenes, and the locals have been known to make the most incredible pottery, including roe, plum trees, and gama para. If you’re staying in the mountains near these towns, you might even want to hike a little further to reach the rustic yet beautiful hamlets of Cukura and Kinaliada. If you’re staying on the coast, then you should definitely check out the amazing beaches of Marmaris and Santaicles, which are only 20 minutes from the coast.

In terms of food and wine, my personal favorite is the delicious seafood that is prepared in the many small huts called tukacans in Kozan. My favorites include spicy fish kalapao, lamb shank in man, and vegetable karena. However, it’s the wonderful atmosphere of the local restaurants in Kozan that really pulls me in. If you’re looking for great Buddha themed restaurant experiences, then you will definitely want to check out the local bars and eateries in the region.

If you’re interested in taking a trek into the mountains, there are several hiking trails within a few hours of Marmaris. These hikes vary in difficulty, and most people should be able to handle them with minimal discomfort. If you’d rather stay in a hotel for the night, there are plenty of quaint accommodations to choose from in the region. There are many types of hotels, ranging from the extremely luxurious to the more economical ones. And if you’re interested in photography, you’ll absolutely love the region’s beautiful scenery and abundant opportunities for capturing nature.