An Overview of Travel to Mexico City

Where to Go: There are some historical sites to see, museums to visit, and shopping to do in Mexico City. The metropolitan area is Mexico City’s cultural and political heart. Many people choose Mexico City as their birthplace. Other popular destinations include Acapulco and Puerto Vallarta.

Trip to Mexico City

Plan Your Trip: Best time to visit Mexico City would be in the spring, preferably late spring or early fall. At this time, the climate is mild and the night temperatures drop into the single digits. At night, the city is warm and bright, with many restaurants, hotels, and cultural centers open late. Some of the museums to visit in Mexico City are the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA), the Chapultepec Castle, and the National History Museum. If you have been to these famous museums in other cities, you will know what to expect in Mexico City. Some of the museums to visit are the Metropolitan Museum of Mexico (Mexican Art Museum), the Huntington museum, the Saatchi Gallery, the Museo de la Constitucion, and the National Museum of Natural History.

Study Spanish: Learning Spanish is very important when planning a trip to Mexico City. Learning Spanish gives you the opportunity to interact with the local people, learn about their culture, and experience their history. A lot of the world heritage sites in Mexico City are in Spanish. Some of them include the Chichen Itza (The Great Temple) in Mexico City, and the Teotihuacan Pyramids in Mexico City. It would also be best if you could learn a little bit of Mexican food along your trip to Mexico City.

See a movie in a Mexican Cafe: Watching a movie in a traditional Mexican cafe goes along way to making any tourist feel welcomed when visiting Mexico City. A good place to watch a movie in Mexico City is at the Plaza Los Angeles. This is one of the best places in town to watch a movie in Mexico City. You can choose from a wide variety of movies. Of course, this is only a good idea if you can spare a few bucks, as Mexican food and Mexican movies can get expensive.

Visit Puebla: Puebla, Mexico’s largest city is rich in history and culture. During your trip to Puebla, visit the ancient religious sites, the beautiful Mayan temples, and the modern museums. Some of the must-visit places in Puebla are the National Museum, the Royal Palace, the Chichimeca museum, and the Basilica of Bomohuego. Puebla also has a few nice hotels that offer authentic Mexican meals.

See the sights while staying at a Chapultepec Hotel: While on your Trip to Mexico City, it would also be fun for you to visit some of the cultural landmarks in the region like the famed Chapultepec Hotel. The hotel has one of the best historical sights in the country, with its four hundred meter long grand staircase that takes you up to the main entrance of the hotel. Other notable sights in Chapultepec include the Teotihuacan Stone Carving Project, the archaeological site that was discovered just north of Chapultepec. Many tourists come to Mexico City each year to take in all that this magnificent region has to offer. Make your next vacation a truly unforgettable experience by taking a trip to Mexico City!